Queer Muslims of Manchester, QMOM, was founded in 2018 after realising there was little support available for questioning / queer people, ascribing to the Muslim faith, in the Greater Manchester area.

Manchester is one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the world. The infamous Canal street provides an iconic destination and safe-haven for queer people worldwide. However alongside this, Manchester also has a group of one of the most conservative Muslim communities, causing a very real struggle for queer Muslim people.

One in four black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT people (24 per cent) accessing social services in the last year have been discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity
Almost three in 10 LGBT people (28 per cent) who visited a faith service or place of worship in the past 12 months experienced discrimination

QMOM support available includes:

One-one dialogue in-person and online.
Listening Service.
Faith Questions.
Sexual Health Support.