Takabbur – Pride

As we come to the end of Pride month, it’s key to reflect on what Islam says about pride. Traditionally the word has been associated with the story of creation, and how Iblees singled himself out by not fulfilling God’s command of bowing down to Adam. 

It was this act of defiance that has allowed the word Pride to come associated with negative connotations amongst religious circles; this certainly does not help the queer cause! 

Pride in this sense, is when one acts in a way that belittles others, disregarding others based on invalid judgement, or a misconception. This can for queer Muslim people come from either outside the queer community from other Muslims that refuse to acknowledge the queer struggle, or even from within the queer community, that views queer Muslims as an inferior part of the spectrum. 

We can take this traditional view of Pride, and use it to our queer advantage, recognising the same negative characteristic within our communities and working towards a common goal.

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