Fakhr – Pride

As Muslims, we realise that we are born with a purpose. A realisation that we live for a common goal, earning God’s pleasure by living true to ourselves, and positively with the world around us.

We are born knowing that God exists, but we also come to realise over time that we are also born queer. This can be a difficult journey, but the more we learn and experience, we allow ourselves to be proud of both sides of our identity. 

The time is now to be proud of who we are. Proud of being people of faith, and proud of being unique personalities, ours to dictate in our space and time. 

It’s time to have the conversation about queer people and their struggles and goals in life, as people of faith, and how existing organisations need to open their doors and minds to the ongoing issues in our community. 
Pride gives us strength in ourselves and together. 

Come out and live true, God willing.

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