Al-‘Afw – Removal of Sin

The path to self acceptance is marred with doubt and questioning. Am I going to be rejected? Why does it seem like I am paving a path separate from others?

And ultimately, is Allah accepting and happy with me?

Many queer people feel as though their life choices make them choose to either live a life of sin, or work through traditional concepts of queer existence and associated negativity. Whichever part of the journey you are on, something that we can all benefit from is a specific prayer for the last part of Ramadhan.

“O Allah, You are the Remover of sin, You love to remove sin, so remove my sins” 

By acknowledging this attribute, it allows us to realise that regardless of how we choose to live our lives, Allah is accepting and ready to accept. Use this prayer this Ramadan and feel yourself increasing in your own self acceptance. 

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