Throughout history, Islamic literature has been started with an initial thought; that of a sincere intention. It’s origin is based on a saying of the Prophet:

“All actions are but driven by intentions.”

With this, the author could be sure to have evaluated their objective and motives for the task ahead, and ultimately be sure that their work would be dedicated to God.

So what is the intention behind QMOM?

Queer people recognise now more than ever, that hiding in the shadows or living in denial is not a sustainable way to live. This does not need to come at a cost to people of faith, having to choose between areas of their individuality. QMOM strives to allow queer people of the Muslim faith help tackle and consolidate their identity. The intention being, that with the right support, an individual does not have to compromise in either aspect, enabling a queer-positive faith-strong life to be led, God-willing.

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